this may get long winded

unfortunately this needs to be said.

divorce is hard. it can be messy, hurtful, sometimes even spiteful. i have more practice with divorce then i ever cared or dreamed that i would in my life. i must live with the consequences of the life that i’ve led up until this point. i am quite proud of many things, and i’m equally as embarrassed at other areas where i’ve been a complete fuck up. either way, it’s on me.

however, you can ask my exes. while we may not agree on personal issues or how we want to live our lives, i’ve ALWAYS put my children first, even at my own detriment. i’ve bent over backwards to do everything that i can to make sure that i am don’t badmouth anyone my kids care about when they’re present. yes, i have my own opinions of you. i will not sway or influence theirs unless being around you will cause them legitimate mental, emotional or physical harm.

i love my kids, i love my girlfriend and i love my family. in my younger years i was confrontational to a fault. in my later years i have worked on becoming more of a pacifist and trying to find ways to talk through my problems. anybody can use their fists, it takes a fucking grown man/woman to be able to talk through an issue. however, i have now become a pacifist to a fault. i am working my way back towards center and some of you may not like it. to that i say “oh fucking well, move on and live your life”. nobody is forcing you to be my friend.

here is a news flash for you. if my kids have an issue with you, you did it to your damn self. i, nor the company i keep, is the cause of any feelings my children may have towards you. i won’t ever put them in the middle, they don’t deserve it. if you can’t see and recognize that then you’re dead to me.

kids are honest to a fault. if they’re pulling away, ignoring or lashing out at you (outside of normal kid bullshit) then YOU need to take a good long hard look in the mirror and work on YOUR bullshit because YOU’RE the problem. not me, not ReAnn, not my family. You are the problem and most likely have been for a long time. i know the number to a good therapist if you’d like to go see one.

with all of that being said, it’s time for a lesson in basic human decency. it has become quite fucking apparent that a few of you that i have considered “friends” have proven you’re barely capable of getting dressed in the morning let alone doing anything remotely worthy of being called an adult. it’s a sad truth. if this statement offends or upsets you, then you’re on this list. congratulations on getting those pants on this morning! have a gold star and a participation trophy as it’s the ONLY thing you’ll ever “earn” in your life because it will be handed to you, not because you worked for and actually earned it.

what i do with my life is my fucking business. my posts consist of brutally dark humor, memes, political jabs at ALL sides and positive things from my personal life. i don’t want to bore others with any day-to-day muck that may be in my life, i figure you may have enough of your own thus i try to keep my dirty laundry out of the spotlight. this doesn’t mean i think i’m perfect and have no issues. it simply means i know how and when to handle mine. just because you don’t see the work being done doesn’t mean i’m not putting in the time. if you can’t understand that then i’ll say it again. you’re dead to me.

yes, every once in awhile i may vent. if you don’t like it then by all means block and/or unfriend me. you won’t be missed. it will be good riddance from me and less trash that i will have to take out on my own.

i have learned over the last year or so that many i’ve come to consider family and friends were nothing more then vapid, self centered people that think their opinion matters. in keeping them around i’ve allowed myself to stumble more than once in personal relationships by entertaining the garbage these people spew instead of shutting them the fuck down and defending those who have been good to me. news flash:


i am doing some long overdue maintenance on myself and with the relationships with those that i love and are TRULY there for me. not just when it makes them feel good for “standing up” for something, but always there for me, even when it sucks for or affects them negatively. the rest of you cant’ and won’t stand for a goddamn thing if you were face to face with me. if you think otherwise by all means give me a call and give me a place to meet with you. i am willing to have a discussion with you in person. are you? hiding behind a keyboard may make you feel tough, but you’re not and you know it.

IF you have a problem with me, bring it to my fucking attention like a goddamn grown up. don’t run to those around me and attempt to stir the shit pot, attack their character, the characters of my family members, or my own character. by doing this you prove that you don’t know a goddamn thing about me, thus it’s time for me to cut you out of my life.

if you survive this purge, congratulations. you’re one of the lucky ones who will continue to get to know the new and improved me.

i know people from all walks of life, from various corners of the globe. please know that if you survived, i truly appreciate you and consider you friends and/or family.

the cleansing begins this evening and will be completed by the end of the week. if you stop hearing from me after that, you’ll know why.

grab the popcorn, the action is just getting ready to start.

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